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Our Story

None of us was born on that date. The business idea of marketing engineering was conceived in the summer of 1999. We wanted a special, unique, memorable and fun name that was not a traditional name but a number. 29.2 was it. The 29th of February of 2000 (a leap year), we opened our doors for business. 16 years later we keep re-engineering ourselves and our business through a prestigious client portfolio and results that makes us proud.

What we do

We take full responsibility for a brand’s voice, character, behavior and language through every media.

How We Do It

We focus on the core problem your business solves. Then we put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem.


How We Do It

Marketing and communication today are the perfect combination of poetry and plumbing. The poetry part is what a brand expresses and believes. The plumbing part is constantly changing, for it represents the different channels we use to distribute our content. We focus on the poetry and hammer down exactly what message will go first, then, we decide what type of plumbing we will use to spread the word. That is the secret sauce of what we do!